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  • The Mighty Eighty | Gottlieb 80 Universal Test Board - Stumblor Pinball
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The Mighty Eighty - Gottlieb 80 Universal Test Board

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A diagnostic PCB that runs a specially designed test ROM for debugging common issues with the Gottlieb System 80 (and 80B) MPUs.

The board will be supplied with a test ROM written by Marco Albus (details below), although the board will happily run Leon Borre's test rom should you wish. The board plugs directly into the TC1 connector on the system 80 MPU and can be run directly in the machine or on the bench. The test rom will then perform a number of diagnostic tests, and blink the onboard LED to show the results of those tests.

Tests performed by the Marco test rom:

* Test 1 - 6502 CPU
* Test 2 - 5101 RAM
* Test 3 - RIOT U4 (switch matrix)
* Test 4 - RIOT U5 (display)
* Test 5 - RIOT U6 (solenoid/lamp)

More details here.

A £5 donation will be made to Marco for every board sold for his great work in producing this rom.