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Stumblor Pinball

Pinpoint - a mod makers development kit

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Pinpoint connects to any WPC era machine (WPC89, WPC-S and WPC95) and monitors in game events (sounds) to trigger actions. An action could be a pattern on an LED strip, a serial command, or turning on another device for a certain period of time. By using sounds, the current game state can be determined (multiball, jackpot etc), making Pinpoint incredibly useful for people who want to build interactive mods.

Since all the configuration is done via a web interface, no programming experience is required.

  • 3 x LED ports
  • 2 x Toy ports (on/off)
  • WiFi configuration with live event monitoring
  • Extensibility through LUA scripting and I2C serial port

The LED ports on Pinpoint are fully compatible with all our Lolly based devices and lighting products.