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Stumblor Pinball

Godzilla "Noodle Bar" Building mod (Tokyo Neon #2)

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  • Silicone moulded and hand painted cast resin building sculpt
  • 3D printed frame and sign (same material as Tokyo Neon)
  • Animated King Ghidorah neon
  • Animated ‘Ramen’ neon (with noodles!)
  • Animated ‘Electrical spark’
  • Animated windows (x2)
  • Animated neon sign border
  • Flashing detection (for a nicer fading sign flash), and differentiation between ‘flashing’ and ‘always on’ sign modes.
  • 3 x circuit boards
  • 8 x independently controlled LED channels
  • All colours and patterns 100% configurable over WiFi
  • 3 x sign acrylics to choose from (red, blue, black)
  • Water slide ‘Noodle Monster’ decal
  • Flasher on/off detection for smart fading during game dimming sequences

All the patterns, colours, brightnesses etc are all infinitely configurable over WiFi, as anyone who has delved into one of my Lolly products knows. Some of the different colour configs are demoed in the video, but honestly, the only limit is your imagination. Configs can be imported and exported easily too so if someone creates something amazing, you can pull it into your setup easily (and revert).

Code updates all happen over the wire too, so you can benefit from the constantly evolving Lolly ecosystem without having to do much other than pressing some buttons in your browser - the way it should be.

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****Looks great. Impressive work as always.( mrossman5)(Pinside)**** ****Put me on the list, NOW, dammit! Again, incredible work. Just freakin' incredible!( doghouse)(Pinside)**** ****Damn Davey you're like the Steve Jobs of GZ pinball mods!( Concretehardt)(Pinside)**** ****Makes me wanna buy a Godzilla, just so I will have a reason buy this mod and place to put it!! ( Buzzie)(Pinside)**** ****How many home runs are you going to hit before you realize your true calling in life? These mods your doing are spectacular man. Your fit and finish all the way down to the packaging. Dude is unlike anything I have seen in this hobby TBH. Dont get me wrong, there has been some really cool mods for pins in the past but I dont recall someone putting out stuff like this one after another after another. I would not be surprised if a pinball manufacturer reaches out to you to make the "centerpiece" to there next game. Your work speaks volumes man. Congrats on your success.( 6S3NC3)(Pinside)**** ****Shit. Can’t pass it up. Too pretty to say no on this one. My Neon sign looks stunning. I’ll just get a second job!( EricInAlaska)(Pinside)**** ****Holy crap! You guys don’t understand how good this building looks. Stumblor made it to TPF and brought all the Godzilla mods including this new building. Dare I say it looks even better than the Tokyo Neon Sign. It really looks that good! The pictures do not even come close to doing it justice. It looks soooooo professional.( Greenmonk)(Pinside)**** ****Add me, add me!! Why does this have to be so much nicer the one I just upgraded .. Stumblor- you're an artist!!!( SerenityNow)(Pinside)**** ****Hey Davey, just installed the noodle building mod, it’s awesome, excellent work as always.( Gd2103)(Pinside)**** ****The mod itself once installed and running is simply just keeps adding to the overall awesome look of the machine and I think is the gold standard not only for this machine but for mods in general. It's really something and I think only adds value to it.( seebobbie)(email)**** ****I think the Noodle Bar mod might be the coolest and most detailed GZ mod yet! And the engineering to allow the breakaway sign when putting the pf in a vertical position is genius!( Arzoo)(Pinside)**** ****Recieved yesterday installed today.. super easy install and looks great! Thank you Davey!( Baggerman)(Pinside)**** ****Davey, I have to say a big Thanks, I am really impressed of all your fantastic mods. exceptional work, which can't be better.( Pinball_North)(Pinside)**** ****Received my Noodle Bar mod yesterday and can’t wait to install it. It looks fantastic even just in the box but the build quality in your mods is impressive to say the least. ( NinJaBooT)(Pinside)**** ****I installed the noodle building today. It’s really awesome. Your work is amazing. I had the Mezelmods noodle building and this is in a completely different league. Can’t wait for the subway building and hope you consider doing the theater too.( Joshua O.)(Email)**** ****Just wanted to say that today I’ve added the Noodle bar mod to my Godzilla Prem. Your manufacture quality is superb. Very good work indeed. Along with fully described instructions which leave nothing to chance. Thanks for the great work.( Neil G.)(Email)**** ****I received my noodle bar, and as always, top notch work man. A few friends looked at in total awe. That's "bad ass" was frequently heard. Anyway, congrats on the quality and dedication to your craft.( Matthew M.)(Email)**** ****Just put in the noodle bar. Looks absolutely stunning. Great job.( Fred S.)(Email)**** ****Just wanted to let you know that I installed the GZ mods over the weekend and I am blown away even more than I expected to be!! When all of the buildings are finished it will truly be a neon city. Expect me to be on every list when you do something for a game I have! Maybe even some I don't just in case!! Thanks for everything you do. It is beyond comparison!( Stratman)(Pinside)**** ****I finally installed #2 over the weekend and it is spectacular!! Thank you( Marc B.)(Email)**** ****Can you please finish the other building so my game can look complete.. they make the game look so good.( Ron C.)(Email)**** ****got your mod installed - amazing as usual! I showed a buddy, and he’ll be ordering ALL your GZ mods! ( John C.)(Email)**** ****I finally got around to installing the noodle bar mod on my Godzilla LE - simply awesome! Should have done it sooner! I'm on the list for the other buildings and can't wait to see them!( VirtualMayhem)(Pinside)**** ****I received my Tokyo Neon #2 and it looks FANTASTIC, thank you! Having this installed on my Godzilla premium sure makes the game much more aesthetically pleasing, intriguing and fun play!( PinBrawls)(Pinside)**** ****Your mods are the best I've seen and my Godzilla machine is truly spectacular now with your products. Thanks for the great work and creativity!( Fmetz374)(Pinside)****