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Stumblor Pinball

Foo Fighters "Lolly" mod kit

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I’ve been really loving Foo Fighters of late. It’s got that insanely addictive, witches brew like concoction - roughly equating to 1 good game vs 10 absolute butt destroyer games. Just when you’re about to pack it in, the game throws you a bone, ensuring that you keep riding that white horse. Damn you Dave Grohl, you and your charming affable nature! (As he then proceeds to destroy me for the next 10 games)

So yeah. Great game. One other thing that has come up recently, was how many people have been feeding back about the Postlights in the Lolly UFO mod. Lots of comments along the lines of “I didn’t realise they would be as effective as they are” type of thing. The Starpost LEDs were designed, not surprisingly, to go underneath the classic starposts of yesteryear. The trouble is, they’re not used in a lot of modern titles. Stern especially seems to favour the slimmer version of these posts more often that not. Foo fighters being one of those games.

So, we decided to create a new ’Slimpost’ version, and offer it as kit for Foo Fighters!

The kit will consist of

  • Lollypops 5s (4 LEDs, 5 Sensors)
  • Board bracket (no-drill PCB mount)
  • GI Sensor cable (so mod turns off when game does)
  • CN11 Power cable

Left Sling 

  • 3 x RGB Slimpost lights
  • 1 x 3way splitter
  • 1 x Sensor cable (for triggering)

Right sling

  • 3 x RGB Slimpost lights
  • 1 x 3way splitter
  • 1 x Sensor cable (for triggering)

Radio targets

  • 2 x RGB Slimpost lights
  • 1 x 2way splitter
  • 2 x Sensor cables (for triggering)

As usual, all colours and patterns fully configurable over WiFi, on any device. 

Lots of kits for other games coming soon so watch out for those.