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Stumblor Pinball

Lolly RGB Post Lights

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Illuminating playfield posts is a great way to add some sparkle to your game ✨. Now, you can add even more depth and interest by using our full colour Lolly LED post lights. These sit discreetly under a regular pinball star post and can be connected in series to create arrays of lit posts. Eight RGB LEDs per post board, all showing our custom patterns and responding to ball hits.

The 3 three wire JST PH 22AWG cable is connected to 5V, DI and GND, with an additional unwired DO connector available on the PCB to use for chaining together the data lines.

Internally, the 8 LEDs are connected in series, meaning that each LED is a single pixel that is addressable individually (one post light = 8 pixels). 

Power draw: 0.15A

LED Type: WS2812-2020

Please note - Different LED types can be used on the same Lolly controller board, however they have to use different outputs.