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Stumblor Pinball

Lolly LED Ring 16 LED RGB NeoPixel Compatible (WS2812)

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RGB LED Rings compatible with all NeoPixel WS2812 systems including all Stumblor Pinball LED mods. 3 wires (5V, GND, data) ending in a JST PH2.0 3P connector (aka Comet Matrix). 16 LED in each ring, outside diameter 68mm inside diameter 50mm - the perfect size to fit under a pinball pop bumper cap. 150mm cable length.

Ready to plug and play into all Stumblor Pinball LED based systems, as well as your own projects.

Power draw: 0.25A

LED Type: WS2812

Please note - Different LED types can be used on the same Lolly controller board, however they have to use different outputs.