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Stumblor Pinball

Scooby Doo "Phantom Lanterns" mod

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A few months ago Spooky announced Scooby Doo, and by all accounts its looking like a bit of a banger

Over on Pinside, ls1chris posted that he'd like to see some spotlight covers made up that more closely resembled the theme. Something a bit more 'Scooby', like a vintage lantern. I thought this sounded really fun, so thought I'd have a crack at it.

And so, the 'Phantom Lantern' was born.

Each kit will come with 3 Lanterns, all with individually controlled fire patterns, that glow green when Captain Cutler is hit on the upper playfield. Each lamp has antique brass hoods, an antique brass handle, LED diffuser lens, and spotlight reflector. The front of the lantern shows the fire effect, while the back of the Lantern performs the function of the original spotlight. Underneath, a third water-like effect is projected onto the playfield. As usual, everything is configurable through our web UI - the brightness, patterns, colours, triggers. Everything.

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****Just installed my Lanterns - couple tricky things during installation but easy to work around if you've installed a few mods. I have D+ skills when it comes to working on my games, so if I can do it anyone can. They look stunning! Wow! Great work, Davey( ERICINALASKA)(Pinside)**** ****I bought your Lantern mod for Scooby and I LOVE it! Thank you for providing that mod for such an awesome game.( wvpinball)(Pinside)**** ****Can’t wait to install these. Very well made. Love all you’re stuff. ( Robert G.)(Email)****