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Stumblor Pinball

Godzilla "Lolly UFO" mod kit

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Stumblor Pinball is proud to announce "Lolly UFO" - a three part mod kit for everyone's favourite pinball.... GODZILLA!

The kit consists of:

1. The UFO (w/ animated & triggered LEDs)

2. 2 x Sling post lights (animated & triggered)

3. Godzilla backbox breath (animated & triggered)

$$$$ $$$$



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****Stumblor 's mods are the most well packaged, highest quality, most professionally supported mods I have experienced. Lolly UFO is another amazing mod from Stumblor. What they are providing is on another level. It is art, it is well worth the money. ( LeMansFan)(Pinside)**** ****It really is great mod! Awesome job - again! ( NC_Pin)(Pinside)**** ****A huge shout out to Davey for leading me through some trouble shooting on my installation! What a spectacular mod!!. (rmbakos)(Pinside)**** ****I can't imagine how painstakingly tough it is to get all these things packaged as well as Davey does. Full clear instructions amazing detail and just downright the best build quality of mods out there right now. ( fooflighter)(Pinside)**** ****I got the full kit up and running today, it looks fantastic. Thank You for all the extra effort. You're awesome Davey. ( Jamesays)(Pinside)**** ****You do amazing work! I'm very impressed with your mods! I am not a mod guy, but I just couldn't pass up your sign and UFO mods! Just amazing stuff!!!( conester)(pinside)**** ****I was able to follow your very clear directions and when I flipped the switch…..there was the magic I expected. Bravo to you on the product, the packaging and the directions. You do amazing work and I appreciate that you clearly care about what you’re stamping you name on. Super impressed( Vincent)(Email)**** ****Fully installed.. this thing is a work of art. Great job, easy to follow instructions and everything worked right out the box. Bravo! ( Baggerman)(Pinside)**** ****I just wanted to say your mods are amazing. They are the best in market. So glad to have them on my machine.( Saber)(Pinside)**** ****I finally got my Godzilla a few weeks ago, and got this mod installed. It's a huge upgrade, particularly for the saucer -- I'm kinda a sucker for light shows. I've pretty much been playing every day since I got this thing, really love it.( Bacondaddy)(Pinside)**** ****Thanks for another great product, looks awesome. Excited for the new bldg!( Joshn A.)(Email)**** ****Also congrats and thank you for all the cool mods. Just love what you guys are doing and that you know how to run a business. Thats not always a combo that you see. Keep up the great work!( Robert S.)(Email)****