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Stumblor Pinball

Godzilla "Tokyo Neon" sign mod

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Far and away our most successful mod to date, and currently blowing up on pinside 


A fully integrated and animated 3D, Tokyo style, RGB LED neon sign, which replaces the existing scoop sign in Stern Godzilla.

  • 5 x individually lit, animated and triggered RGB LED sections (3 letters, neon border, right acrylic)
  • 3 x acrylic sign graphics
  • All colours and patterns fully WiFi configurable
  • Plug n Play n Reversible
  • No soldering or croc clips
  • Sexy as hell

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****I've bought damned near every mod for damned near every machine that mods have been made for over the 20 years that I have been in this hobby. This one is the best of them so far. Just so cool.(gambit3113)(Pinside)**** ****Definitely a cut above most mods, great blend of design, interaction, and customization. (Aurich)(Pinside)**** ****This is awesome! Easy prediction: TWIPY for best mod of 2022. (Jackalwere)(Pinside)**** ****I was lucky enough to see your impressively detailed post when it first popped up and I was in right away. I’m just really blown away with your level of detail and concern for the quality of this mod. You are f#%king rad!! (Otto110)(Pinside)**** ****It’s very rare I like mods, and even when I do I just like them on other peoples games. But this is beautiful! I think it’s tasteful and adds a lot to this game without being too much. I must have this mod! Thank you! (shanksfornothin)(Pinside)**** ****So I don’t know what you do in your day gig, but in all my years here I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mod catch fire like this from the go. (gambit3113)(Pinside)**** ****You blew us away with this mod Davey. So awesome and impressive. (Strummy)(Pinside)**** ****This just goes with the theme and playfield so well. The lighting effects are superb on it and make it easy to see whats highlighted while you're playing. All you guys on the list will be extremely happy when you get to see this in your games. Sample videos just don't do it justice. (Sutol)(Pinside)**** ****I received mine Saturday, installed last night. Easy to follow instructions, straightforward installation. Looks fan freaking tastic! Well done sir, can't wait to see what you come up with next. (Apinjunkie)(Pinside)**** ****Got and installed mine, love it. Great mod, good directions made an easy install too. 10 out of 10 stars. (Pdxmonkey)(Pinside)**** ****I finally got my GZ Premium and was able to install this mod; absolutely great! Well done Davey. Should be a strong contender if not the winner for the TWIPY mod of the year. So unique and with WIFI. Wow. (arcadem)(Pinside)**** ****A really excellent product, congratulations! Super packaging, too. Impressive. Probably the best mod I have bought.(Robo1)(Pinside)**** ****Received my sign yesterday and installed it today. It looks amazing and exceeded my expectations. Build quality is great and was easy to install. Definitely the best mod I’ve ever purchased and I can’t wait for the Lolly ufo bundle. Well done sir!(Marangsanz)(Pinside)**** ****I just got my sign and installed it over the weekend. What a beautiful mod. It's so well done and integrates seamlessly into the game. I have purchased almost every single mod there is for this game. This by far is my favorite addition. A must have for anyone looking to keep this pin in their collection. (Silvabullet)(Pinside)**** ****Received. Holy cow. The quality is absolutely amazing.(dashv)(Pinside)**** ****Your mod came in today. All I have to say is wow, really nice. Easy to install and very professional. I like it a lot. Again a big thank you !! ( sirlonzelot)(Pinside)**** ****I have just installed the mod and it’s fantastic. Far and away the best quality and most technological mod I have ever come across. ( Had)(Pinside)**** ****I received and installed mine yesterday. Hugely impressed, an incredible upgrade over the stock sign. ( JustLikeMe)(Pinside)**** ****HOLY COW. This is a must for any Godzillas! The sign itself is such high quality and so well designed that it immediately looks at home on the playfield. You can customize EVERYTHING and make it just the way you want. If you are at all thinking about this, GET ON THE LIST. You will not be disappointed. ( Forehead_Slap)(Pinside)**** ****I just installed the sign this morning and am very impressed with the quality of it. It looks beautiful! I have to get caught up on connecting it to wifi and updating it to the latest firmware - which is completely amazing for a mod! Excellent work and worth every penny. ( FatPanda)(Pinside)**** ****Just wanted to let you know I installed the Tokyo Neon mod, and it's honestly one of the nicest mods I've ever seen. It's really amazing. ( tbaum)(Pinside)**** ****Got your neon sign installed. I'm blown away at the quality and documentation. Just absolutely first class.(Patr667)(Pinside)**** ****I just cast my vote. Best mod of the year - by far!( crwjumper)(Pinside)**** ****I have 6 really good pinball buddies and all 6 own a GZ and all 6 have your sign... well done man! ( DaddyManD)(Pinside)**** ****I finally installed my tokyo neon sign. Holy Cow this thing is stunning, pictures don't do it justice! ( Purdue)(Pinside)**** ****The sign is killer. It really adds a whole new dimension to the "world under the glass." If you don't win the TWIPY for this category I'm going to be really bummed. Thanks again for the great mod and great ongoing support. ( Josh0979)(Pinside)**** ****MOD received and installed. Unbelievable Job !! A piece of Art !! ( Francois37210)(Pinside)**** ****You got my vote!! Def mod of the year. This mod is as good as it gets. Fit, finish, functionality and aesthetics. You knocked this one out of the park. ( 6S3NC3)(Pinside)**** ****love your work, thanks for exceeding expectations, product is truly TOP NOTCH, and I am NOT a "mod guy" THANKS AGAIN. ( Sarge)(Pinside)**** ****I received the Neo Tokyo sign yesterday and OMG, it is wonderful. To develop your own circuit board for such a small user group just shows how much personal love you bring into this hobby. Everything works well, super software! Thank you so much for that! YOU ARE AWESOME! (Dennis Hack)(Via chat)**** ****I installed my neon sign last night and all I can say is WOW! It's insane how professionally built this thing is, I mean it looks like something right off a store shelf. My only regret is I wish I would have got on the list sooner to buy it!( VisitorQ)(Pinside)**** ****Seriously some of the best build quality I have experienced and certainly the best service. Cheers. I am glad I ordered my Tokyo Neon already - I don't even own a Godzilla yet! (TheFool)(Pinball Info)**** ****I just received mine today wow the build quality is outstanding thank you. ( Geddy2112)(Pinside)**** ****The Neon tokyo mod by Stumblor was a breeze to install and dang it is a sturdy, quality item for sure. The packaging was as cool as the mod super easy instructions, really well thought out. Wifi instructions and the options to customize a variety of colors, patterns, brightness.. DANG!! I am sold on Stumblor. (Baggerman)(Pinside)**** ****I also want to thank stumblor for this very high quality mod! I’m especially blown away by the almost infinite ways to customize this, which really helps justify this sign as mod of the year. (KING-HENRY)(Pinside)**** ****I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said, but the Tokyo Neon Mod is incredible!! First: the packaging was straight out of the Apple playbook. A+++. Second: the install instructions and photos were perfect. Seriously ... amazing! Third: the attention to detail with the length of the wiring, the included zip ties, the extra signs, everything was perfect. And lastly there is the actual sign! Holy shit is it a work of art. And I haven't even delved into the WIFI customizations yet. Congratulations on such an incredibly successful product!!!( Garth)(email)**** ****So very impressed with your Tokyo neon scoop sign, it may well be my favorite game mod at the moment. Thanks for your great work.( Jeff W.)(Email)**** **** This mod is by far the most detailed and professional mod I have ever bought kudos to an exceptional job in every aspect of its design, packaging and instructions.( Bt67)(Pinside)**** ****Davey... Wow man just wow. The Neon sign is amazing. Bravo.( Chad M.)(Email)**** ****I just put the GZ neon sign in my GZ - truly amazing( ktcoady12)(Pinside)**** ****I received the Tokyo Neon Sign mod a few days ago and your packaging is top tier, some of the best I have ever seen. The sign was installed today and it is simply amazing! The design, color variation, and overall execution is just outstanding. I just can't stop looking at it, well done sir!( Mike H)(Email)**** ****TN sign recieved. What a great addition. Thanks Davy( Flippinaround)(Pinside)**** ****Just wanted to say that the neon sign just came in the mail today and after installing it, it looks absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much! Really incredible mod.( JD C.)(Email)**** ****I received notification for the neon Tokyo sign sign today. Although, I already have one (sold to me by another pinsider) I still want another in case the one I have goes bad. This is the nicest of all the mods you have made and I consider it to be the centerpiece of the cabinet.( PinBrawls)(Pinside)****