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Stumblor Pinball

Godzilla "Tokyo Neon" sign mod

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Far and away our most successful mod to date, and currently blowing up on pinside 🔥

A fully integrated and animated 3D, Tokyo style, RGB LED neon sign, which replaces the existing scoop sign in Stern Godzilla.

  • 5 x individually lit, animated and triggered RGB LED sections (3 letters, neon border, right acrylic)
  • 3 x acrylic sign graphics
  • All colours and patterns fully WiFi configurable
  • Plug n Play n Reversible
  • No soldering or croc clips
  • Sexy as hell
550 orders, two runs, reserve lists filling up. This one has been crazy. Have a read of some of the amazing feedback this mod has been receiving...

****Definitely a cut above most mods, great blend of design, interaction, and customization. (Aurich)(Pinside)**** ****This is awesome! Easy prediction: TWIPY for best mod of 2022. (Jackalwere)(Pinside)**** ****I was luckily enough to see your impressive detailed post when it first popped up and I was in right away. I’m just really blown away with your level of detail and concern for the quality of this mod. You are f#%king rad!! (Otto110)(Pinside)**** ****It’s very rare I like mods, and even when I do I just like them on other peoples games. But this is beautiful! I think it’s tasteful and adds a lot to this game without being too much. I must have this mod! Thank you! (shanksfornothin)(Pinside)**** ****So I don’t know what you do in your day gig, but in all my years here I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mod catch fire like this from the go. (gambit3113)(Pinside)**** ****You blew us away with this mod Davey. So awesome and impressive. (Strummy)(Pinside)**** ****This just goes with the theme and playfield so well. The lighting effects are superb on it and make it easy to see whats highlighted while you're playing. All you guys on the list will be extremely happy when you get to see this in your games. Sample videos just don't do it justice. (Sutol)(Pinside)**** ****I received mine Saturday, installed last night. Easy to follow instructions, straightforward installation. Looks fan freaking tastic! Well done sir, can't wait to see what you come up with next. (Apinjunkie)(Pinside)**** ****Got and installed mine, love it. Great mod, good directions made an easy install too. 10 out of 10 stars. (Pdxmonkey)(Pinside)**** ****I finally got my GZ Premium and was able to install this mod; absolutely great! Well done Davey. Should be a strong contender if not the winner for the TWIPY mod of the year. So unique and with WIFI. Wow. (arcadem)(Pinside)****

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Installation Guide
WiFi Configuration Guide