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Black Knight Swords of Rage "Fiery Furnace" mod

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Joined the club a couple of weeks ago with a BKSOR premium, and really loving the game, even more than I thought I would. The upper playfield is (I think) the most enjoyable I've ever played, responding well to nudging a bumping in order to get the ball up off that guide rail. Hitting a catapult lock 3 times on the trot from game start is brilliant (although I'm sure not strategic), battles are fun (still haven't got to BK yet) and loving how many of the shots can be backhanded.

The furnace on the backboard, while an amazing feat of low level circuitry (a bunch of gates creating the delays I think?) really could be better I thought, so I whipped up a quick little LED board that could play some animated GIFs of fire, and then change colour when triggered by the game. All updatable over wifi as usual. $$$$ $$$$ Will be available either as a single board (for the playfield furnance) or a three board set, which will also convert the topper.