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Chase Echo - Redesigned Creature from the Black Lagoon Chase Board

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The original creech chase board hasn't stood the test of time. It overheats, only does one (pretty boring) pattern, and doesn't play nicely with modern LEDs. Wouldn't it be great if it did something more exciting?

We decided to rebuild it from the ground up. Our newly designed board has the following features:

  • Plug n Play installation
  • Trailing edge AC dimming
  • 14 Unique Chase Patterns
  • Fully controllable pattern selection (via DIP switches)
  • Random or Linear pattern selection (via DIP switch)
  • Compatible with OCD GI (rev 4 and above) and Afterglow GI boards

What are OCD GI and Afterglow GI boards?

CFTBL and games of that era use a feature called "GI fading", which fades the background lighting in the game during certain modes to create atmosphere. It is designed to work with incandescent bulbs, and when using LEDs they flicker horribly during the fading sequence, to the point where its usually disabled. The OCD GI and Afterglow GI boards were built so that LEDs could also be used when using this feature. 

The Chase Echo has been designed to be compatible with these boards, however some additional cabling and installation steps are required. If you aren't running these boards (and if you don't know, you probably aren't) just order the base version and enjoy an easier installation. 





Board Revisions:

v1.2 - This revision uses AC voltage and trailing edge fading, meaning that this board is polarity agnostic. It will plug straight in and work out of the box. Due to the extra components and build time this board is more expensive than v1.

v1.0 - This revision uses DC voltage running pulse width modulation (pwm) fading, meaning that the board is polarity sensitive. Due to this, the orientation of all LEDs in the chase ramp and whirlpool need to be facing in the correct orientation before they will light. This makes for a more difficult installation. If you would prefer an easier and more 'plug and play' installation, choose the v1.2 board. Only existing stock of this board will be available to purchase.

See what people are saying

****It has been 2 months now since I installed your Chase Echo. It has worked flawlessly since the first day that I installed it into my CFTBL. It is a pleasure just to turn my CFTBL on and watch it for several minutes in attract mode. This truly is one of the best mods I have ever added to one of my games. (GRB1959)(Pinside)**** ****My board arrived today. All fitted and works a treat. The build quality is fantastic ☺️ (Gorgar1)(Pinside)**** ****Wow, what a nice upgrade to the look of those lamps! The Chase Echo board also lights up the incandescents quite a bit more than my original board did. Maybe that's the age of the old board, but it's an unexpected bonus of installing your board, besides all of the additional patterns, of course. Thanks for making this. It really makes the game look better, and that's the whole point. Great work! (Mark Thompson)(Email)****