Tokyo Neon #3 is here! ✨

Tokyo Neon #3 is here! ✨

Continuing the neonification of Godzilla, we bring you… The Subway!

The Subway building sits at the back left corner of Godzilla, straddling the left ramp. Since the building is in such close proximity to Godzilla himself, I wanted to incorporate some atomic breath damage - as though Godzilla has just blown a path through the building in order to take up his current residence next to the bridge.

This cut away corner section shows smouldering flames when at rest, and ignites into a blue atomic breath effect when triggered.  The other LED sections are also triggered at the same time - the ‘Tokyo Metro’ sign, the neon border and the internal flame effects.



  • Hand painted and sculpted resin building facade, with nylon base frame
  • Blue transparent acrylic window sections
  • 3 graffiti waterslide decals (actual tokyo graf!)
  • Resin “cutaway” section, backlit with triggered RGB LEDs
  • Reverse UV printed ‘Tokyo Metro’ Subway sign, backlit with triggered RGB LEDs
  • Nylon Neon sign section with magnetic attachment
  • Reverse UV printed sign graphics, with 3 options to choose from (3 in every kit), each section backlit with triggered RGB LEDs
  • Resin Neon sign insert, backlit with triggered RGB LEDs
  • Internal building flame effects
  • GI fading (mod goes dark when game does)
  • Total of 9 different LED groups
  • 4 circuit boards
  • 100% configurable over WiFi (colours, triggers and patterns)
  • Easy install - one cable