Stumblor Pinball 101 - How to crimp cables

Stumblor Pinball 101 - How to crimp cables

How do I crimp cables for pinball machines?
How do I crimp a ribbon cable?

Ever wanted to know how to crimp ribbon cables and molex connectors? Step by step guide to get you up to speed and crimping cables like the wire wizard you always wanted to be, but never were. Until now.
Parts used in the video:

Molex Crimper (£20 - but it will last you forever!)

Ribbon Crimper (£10)

Cable stripper (£3):

34 Way Ribbon Connector (pack 5 £2.64)

34way Rainbow ribbon cable (1m £1.85)

Molex 3P 0.196" Connector (0.16p ea)

Molex Trifurcon 22-26AWG Connector 0.196" (0.11p ea)

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