More Jaws pinball mods! "In Before the Lock" Ep. 8

More Jaws pinball mods! "In Before the Lock" Ep. 8

Just when you thought you done seeing plastic sharks with pinballs in their mouths, Davey & Rob come along with another expertly crafted and technically flawless podcast showing a whole dragnet full of sharks, a whole mouth full of balls, and a complete disdain for societal convention and pinball modding norms. Is modding now completely out of hand, and will your Jaws machine be so chock-a-block with sub par mods that your friends will shake their heads and call you Mr Happymeal behind your back? Nobody else is going to ask these questions (for obvious reasons), so it may as well be us!

Mods covered this week:

  • Interactive pinball leads the pack of ball munching sharks with footage and gameplay of his new Jaws the Ball Eater mod. Pinside proceeds to melt down and a ream of memes in born. 
  • We tear a chunk out of Stern's pisstaking Shark Ball Trap mod. They're playing it fast and loose with that definition, let me tell you. 
  • Ash Boucher goes full retro with his Jaws VHS cassette tape mod, and it makes me want to be kind and rewind.
  • Joe Kace joins the shark fraternity with an exquisitely detailed Pro Shark cage mod. Of course it has to have an obligatory pinball in its mouth, because this is the age we live in. 
  • CRCades has a final cut of his Jaws shooter rod. Does it have a ball in its mouth? You bet your sweet ball eating ass it does!
  • Not to be outdone, Josh Hardy also drops some super sweet Jaws Pro Shark Cage action, and manages to buck convention entirely by leaving the shark sans balls. What are you doing Josh? Don't you know we have a reputation to uphold?! 



Episode 8 Airs 16th Feb @ 5pm ET / 10pm GMT