Latest Product Updates 6/5/22

Latest Product Updates 6/5/22

Lots going on at this end and I haven't been the best at updating the socials. Back on the case!

Pinpoint beta testing begins

The very first sound sniffing mod development board "Pinpoint" was sent off to Nacman this week. Documentation is at a bare minimum currently so hoping to start fleshing that out over the next few weeks. This is frontier psychiatry at it's very best, and loving the enthusiasm of people when they jump straight in. Looking forward to seeing the results of the testing come in.

New Lollypops code

As a result of the super secret mod development I've been doing over the last few weeks (more on that later) Lollypops has received a shiny new code update. Better pattern transitions, more controls for both colour (primary colour selection, saturation) and patterns (intensity) mean that our LED controlling, multi architecture mod board has even beefier kickassability than before. 20 in stock.

New code here.

Steady Eddy - complete redesign

It's my own fault. "I've never had a single problem with this board!" I said. Not a week later, reports started to come in from certain games exhibiting false sensing. Super tricky one to pin down, but it turned out to be a result of board flex - like literally bending the board. On most games this wasn't a problem, but on games where a magnet was close to the board (ie TOM) it was a big problem. A ground-up redesign later and we finally have what I'm confident is a much more bulletproof version of our proximity sensing eddy board. Booya! Yes I'm aware people no longer say booya. I'm bringing it back.

The handmade version, now converted to SMD (and in black, of course .

10 on the way as an initial run, and a few spare.

Afterglow Revisited

For those unfamiliar, the Afterglow is a board nicely fades LEDs so they look and feel more like incandescents. Its one of those things that once you see it, can can never un-see it, and LEDs will never look the same way again. This version is by pellew (who you may know from his super awesome BOP helmet LED mod) and is compatible with WPC, SYS11, DE, SAM and Whitestar games - making it more versatile and useful than ever. 30 boards en route, most of them spoken for, but always more coming so speak up if you need one.

Afterglow GI

What, inserts not enough for ya? What about an Afterglow board to sort out your flickering, seizure inducing LEDs in the GI also? 10 more of these on the way, and 5 available.



News coming on that in 2 weeks time.