Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - DPX Preview!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - DPX Preview!

Just when you thought you had a handle on reality, Davey & Rob don the rave goggles, eat some mushroom chocolate and head down the eye of the kaleidoscope with newly minted end-of-level boss Melvin Williams - head of design and engineering at Dutch Pinball!

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We’ll talk all about his new game Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, why he decided to join Dutch, how he came to own the rights to some of the rarest unreleased games in pinball, and why he decided to chat about it all with us two clowns. Is he madder than a hatter? Plus chime in live with your questions - Melvin will be ready!

Find out this Monday @ 4p ET / 8p GMT on your favourite way to kiss goodbye to an hour of your life - In Before the Lock!