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Stumblor Pinball

HD Pin2DMD 256x64 Full Kit

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Your favourite colour display, now in full 256x64 HD !

This is the same screen width used in the reproduction CGC titles.

All kits comes fully loaded and ready to install. This includes:

  • HD Pin2DMD PCB
  • 2 x HD LED screen
  • SD card & activation code
  • CNC Routed 9mm plywood panel
  • 2 x speakers
  • 2mm acrylic with game specific graphics
  • H Channel
  • Latches
  • 2 x black hex speaker mesh

To add speaker lights, make sure to include this product with your order.

Please note - two things are required for the install:

  1. Colour files, find yours here.
  2. Power cable, as some people prefer to connect to an external PSU.

More details below, and always here to answer any questions you have!