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Jaws "Buoy of death" mod

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This project originally started out as a sign replacement, similar to what we did for the original Tokyo Neon sign. I had a couple of ideas for this, but quickly ran into problems with the amount of space I had to work with, particularly on the premium. There just wasn’t the depth to create a nice, diffused resin sign.

I got chatting about the problem with @joelbob, and we hashed out some alternative ideas. Could I make something else that communicated the same information, but in a different way? Again there were issues - the idea I had was quite complex, using techniques I hadn’t used before, and I wasn’t entirely convinced I could pull it off. It also needed space, on a game that surprisingly doesn’t have a lot of it available. But the idea was a banger, so I wanted to give it a shot.

So what is it? It’s a buoy of course! Inspired by the one Chrissie holds onto at the start of the movie before she’s munched by our sharp toothed protagonist.

  • Motorised “bobbing” buoy, by default on all the time, but can also by triggered by events. Hand painted tough nylon, with a rusty metal effect.
  • Wrap around matrix LED screen (Like Elton, only less camp!) with 198 LEDs. Text ticker showing game events pulled from the sign. Ability to show Animated GIFs, like the blood effect when the chum line is hit. We will likely include the ability to change this text and the GIFs.
  • Two topper options includes - LED version (described above) or a static version, which just shows the original buoy '8' text. 
  • Buoy Siren. Triggerable by events, and fully configurable (pattern and colours)
  • Water effect resin with over 100 LEDs. Triggerable by events, and fully configurable (pattern and colours). More or less ‘blood’ if you find it too much.
  • 100% configurable through the Lolly Web UI
  • Fully tested with an awesome-o-meter and scored a very respectable score of ‘highly dope’.

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****It's the sort of mod which makes you want to buy the game. Great job Davey( Gonzo)(PinballInfo)**** **** A class mod, like how it should be done. Bloody brilliant.( MyPinballs)(PinballInfo)**** ****Your new Jaws mod looks incredible!!! Never forget, you are the GOAT mod maker.( mikespins)(Pinside)**** ****You make the absolute best mods ever! keep up the amazing, I mean amazing work you do!( Brian R.)(Email)**** ****Buoy of death lighting effects dazzle and the weathered look on buoy frame adds realism. Tip of the cap to ya for the many hours of R+D @stumblor.( Ghostfist)(Pinside)**** ****I don’t even own JAWS and I want this( Joe A.)(Facebook)**** ****Mod of the year for sure !( Henri J.)(Facebook)**** ****Wow, probably one of the coolest mods since Godzilla( Jerry C.)(Facebook)**** ****They are the goat when it comes to mods!( Damien VDB.)(Facebook)**** ****That's cool as hell, great job!( Max B.)(Facebook)**** ****your new jaws mod is beautiful !!( Xavier S.)(Email)**** ****Another 'hit out of the park'! Congratulations( Michael R.)(Facebook)**** ****Your new Jaws mod makes me want to get a Jaws. Very creative and Very cool. Extending to the water and using a ticker display is awesome.( gumnut01)(Pinside)**** ****What a creation..., this is really impressive...!I don't own Jaws or not yet, but when I do I will order this awesome mod. Big congratulations to you and little congratulations to @joelbob ;-) ( Koen L.)(Email)**** ****I’m on the list for your forthcoming Jaws mod—my wife is particularly excited about that one. 🤩 So just a word of thanks to you and your team for continuing to develop such creative little masterpieces.( Shawn J.)(Email)****