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Stumblor Pinball

Foo Fighters “Area 51” building mod

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Jack Danger dropped the insanely fun Foo Fighters pinball last month, a flowy beast and no mistake - with more shot geometry than a Pythagorean convention (yes, it’s a thing). One look at the Area 51 building sculpt and I was like… Aliens & Neon? Yes please!

So here we are. The Foo Fighters “Area 51” building mod!


Multiple independent RGB lighting zones

This includes the neon, the top siren, the alien window and the acrylic wafers (the garage). Each of these sections will be independently coloured, triggerable, and configurable over WiFi.

Cast resin sculpted alien for the window

We couldn’t leave him out! This’ll be a painted, cast resin, hand sculpted deal. He’ll be lit from the top with triggerable RGB LEDs.

Edge luminescent acrylic wafer effect for the garage

Since FF in general has a sleeker more polished look, we thought we’d try something a bit different here. The garage ‘layers’ will be made up of wafered UV luminescent acrylic. When viewed from the side, this stuff looks amazing - and glows brightly simply with ambient lighting. This will create a really unique looking effect for the building, and give it that sci-fi polished effect we're looking for. Depending on what happens, we may add some further lighting to really pimp it.

Fully game integrated

When we say integrated, we mean it. This mod will use the latest iteration of the venerable Lolly control board, installed with a brand new sensing daughter board that has been designed to read directly from the node bus. Why is this awesome? Firstly, because it means a super smooth installation with no t-splicing. Secondly, it means we have access to all the playfield state data - switches, lamps, you name it. Now every switch on that upper playfield (two loop switches, three targets and the spinner) can ALL be used to trigger lighting patterns. Super excited about this new development, its going to be a game changer. Currently being used in a number of upcoming 3rd party mods (more on those soon).


Supports Premium and LE models.