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Stumblor Pinball

Godzilla "Noodle Bar" Building mod (Tokyo Neon #2)

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  • Silicone moulded and hand painted cast resin building sculpt
  • 3D printed frame and sign (same material as Tokyo Neon)
  • Animated King Ghidorah neon
  • Animated ‘Ramen’ neon (with noodles!)
  • Animated ‘Electrical spark’
  • Animated windows (x2)
  • Animated neon sign border
  • Flashing detection (for a nicer fading sign flash), and differentiation between ‘flashing’ and ‘always on’ sign modes.
  • 3 x circuit boards
  • 8 x independently controlled LED channels
  • All colours and patterns 100% configurable over WiFi
  • 3 x sign acrylics to choose from (red, blue, black)
  • Water slide ‘Noodle Monster’ decal
  • Flasher on/off detection for smart fading during game dimming sequences

All the patterns, colours, brightnesses etc are all infinitely configurable over WiFi, as anyone who has delved into one of my Lolly products knows. Some of the different colour configs are demoed in the video, but honestly, the only limit is your imagination. Configs can be imported and exported easily too so if someone creates something amazing, you can pull it into your setup easily (and revert).

Code updates all happen over the wire too, so you can benefit from the constantly evolving Lolly ecosystem without having to do much other than pressing some buttons in your browser - the way it should be.