Lollypops v1.5 and Pop Body LED rings - compatible with SAM

Lollypops v1.5 and Pop Body LED rings - compatible with SAM

Lots of new products dropping this week. 🤘


 Lollypops v1.5 has arrived

Our best selling mod is back in stock, and now with extended support for WPC, SAM, Whitestar and Spike 1&2 machines. More games than ever can now enjoy the benefit of our enhanced, full colour LED lighting. And best of all, 100% reactive to game events.


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Pop Bumper Body LED rings - SAM compatible

Just landed this week and already selling out fast - our brand new, modern Stern compatible, multi-directional, full colour pop bumper body LED rings.


LEDs on both the top and bottom of the PCB and fully compatible with our Lollypops controller board, ready to brighten up your Whitestar, SAM and Spike games.

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[STILL WAITING] Pinpoint - a mod makers development kit

Our cables supplier has only just gotten in contact to inform us that the Pinpoint cabling is now finally en route, which means we are that much closer to shipping the WPC sound sniffing, mod making mod out to beta testers. Thanks for everyones patience with this, it's not an easy time for global logistics.