Full colour pinball post lights

Full colour pinball post lights

Here at Stumblor Pinball we love LEDs. They're bright, low power, and infinitely versatile. They can transform a game from a drab wallflower into the belle of the ball.

This month we're proud to reveal a host of new products that have been added to our "Lolly" range that will help turn your game into the smokin' hot stunner it was always meant to be.

New Product - Lolly GI - Configurable full colour GI

Measuring only 7cm long, these are a smaller and more compact version of our popular Lollypops control board and aimed specifically at GI (general illumination) lighting.

With 2 x switch triggers and 1 x LED output (extendable for additional outputs) these can be used to beef up your pinball lighting in a variety of ways. Arrays of post lights, LED strips to brighten darker areas of the playfield, outhole lighting - all in full colour and showing custom patterns and reacting to ball hits. And the best part - 100% configurable from your phone over WIFI.

Available individually (£39) or as part of a kit (£49).

New Product - Lolly LED Post Lights

Illuminating playfield posts is a great way to add some sparkle to your game ✨. Now, you can add even more depth and interest by using our full colour Lolly LED post lights. These sit discreetly under a regular pinball star post and can be connected in series to create arrays of lit posts. Eight RGB LEDs per post board, all showing our custom patterns and responding to ball hits.

Available individually (£3.99), or as part of our Lollyshots and LollyGI post light kits.

Code Updates - Lolly Configuration

All the Lolly boards in our range have received a massive upgrade this month, with changes to both the board design and the web configuration UI.

Improvements include:

  • Beefed up responsiveness to GI fading using supercaps
  • Improved LED brightness and brightness control
  • WiFi Mesh to enable multiple boards to be linked together
  • More granular control over colours
  • Various UI improvements

Head over to our firmware repo for the free upgrade.