BUOY OF DEATH - reveal this Monday!

BUOY OF DEATH - reveal this Monday!

You: "If pinball podcasters get any weirder and more self absorbed I'm gonna stop listening. There's too much drama. They aren't even about pinball anymore!"

Us: "Hold my sausage"

Join us Monday on In Before the Lock as we leave behind all pretence of tasteful humour and professional bearing, going full sausage for a behind the scenes look at what it means to be a professional pinball mod maker. Booze, 3D sculpting, drugs, print farms, women, circuit board fabrication. Lots of fabrication actually.

All that, plus a very special first look at our new Jaws mod - the BUOY OF DEAAAATH.

So grab your chipolatas and say au revoir to your vegan sensibilities - it's gonna get meaty!

5PM ET / 10PM GMT live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.