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Stumblor Pinball

Stern Spike2 Power Splitter+ Board

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An upgraded version of our industrious mod splitter board. This version creates its own 12v 5A power source and as such is not reliant on the node boards for power! Rejoice!

This board is the recommended solution if you are running a Shaker motor (either Stern or aftermarket), which tends to interfere with other mods on the 12v line and cause problems.

  • Generates up to 5 amps of 12v power
  • Not reliant on node boards for power
  • 5 x CN11 style connectors
  • Input/output fuses and short-circuit protection for safe power delivery
  • Installation makes use of existing fixtures in the cabinet - no additional screws required
  • Chainable! Two Splitter+ can be run in series. The last output can also be split further using our cheaper original splitter.

Used to run the Godzilla Tokyo Neon mod with other accessories that use the CN11 connector of cabinet node board 1, such as the PinMonk flipper cooling fan kit and the BriteButtons flipper buttons.