New Code!

New Code!

(channelling my inner Stern)

GZ Tokyo Neon Sign mod v1.0.13

We'll be closing the list down for this at the end of the month, as we gear up to start assembly on our next mod, the GZ Lolly UFO. It's been an absolute blast. A lot of work, a lot of late nights - but super positive and energising at the same time.

Lollypops v1.5.6

There's been an increased interest in the venerable Lollypops board over the last few months. As part of the Lolly UFO work, we've been showcasing its talent of running multiple game triggered lightshows, and as a result, we're seeing modders pick up the torch and start incorporating it into their own mods. Super excited to see what people come up with. Expect to see it on two as-yet-unannounced 3rd party mods soon (GZ, DP).

Pinpoint v1.1

Like the Lollypops, our WPC sound sniffing Pinpoint board has started to find its groove among the modding community also, who are keen to test out its ability to directly monitor WPC game state and trigger lightshows. Three different projects are now using the board, so expect to see some toppers and mods released soon running the Pinpoint kit (TZ, DW)

Also, finally, documentation!

All new code includes:

* New AsyncWebServer build, increased WiFi stability and speed
* Firmware updates over WiFi
* Download settings fix