Who likes bowling? 🎳

Who likes bowling? 🎳

Who here has played The Big Lebowski? That insanely fun WPC throwback where those crazy Dutchmen put a literal working bowling alley into the pin? You at the back? I know you’ve played it don’t play coy!

I’ve had the machine here for 6 months now and it’s a stone cold banger. You can feel the love that went into it. The movie is such a seminal classic and I can’t think of a tighter theme integration in recent memory. 

One of the most iconic set pieces in the movie is the bowling alley, which used the real life Hollywood Star Lanes for filming. 

This mod sets out to recreate that classic signage.


  • 5 Circuit boards (1 x controller & 4 x LED boards)
  • Over 200 LEDs
  • Multiple production materials (Nylon, Resin, Acrylic, PLA)
  • All switches and lamps on upper playfield can be used as triggers
  • Super easy install - no croc clips or splicing
  • 100% fully configurable over WiFi (colours, patterns, everything)



     See you in the arcade,