The Pinball Mod Roundup #1: Pinball Topper Bonanza

The Pinball Mod Roundup #1: Pinball Topper Bonanza

What is a Pinball Topper?  A pinball topper is a decorative attachment placed on top of the backbox of a pinball machine. It enhances the visual appeal with artwork, lights, and sometimes moving parts. While not necessary for gameplay, toppers add aesthetic value and are popular among pinball enthusiasts and collectors.

The Stern Godzilla Pinball machine has finally received an official topper along with 2 other amazing alternatives.

First we begin with the Official Topper from "Stern".

The topper showcases three dynamic fire panels that replicate the appearance of a burning building. It includes a detailed Godzilla figurine, emitting a vibrant heat ray plume with 21 RGB lights, aimed at tanks in its path. Additionally, it incorporates a distinctive flash lamp that projects the imposing shadow of Godzilla. This accessory provides exclusive light shows and introduces a captivating "King of the Monsters Time Attack" mode for an enhanced gaming experience.  It is priced at $1,000 dollars and already has received plenty of criticism and parodies over it's simplicity and unpopular re-printed figurine for the price.  

You can visit Stern's link to order the topper and watch the launch video below.

Here is a Funny Parody Video about this topper release by Carry Hardy.

Our 2nd Godzilla Topper comes from "The Electric Pinball (TEP)"

The Electric Pinball (TEP) has announced their Godzilla Pinball Topper offerings in two editions, each with an upgrade path. The first option is the "Player Edition," which includes LED lights and acrylics but lacks mechanical components. It will be priced at under $900. The second option is the "Challenger Edition," which includes everything mentioned, along with the mechanical components, and will cost a few hundred dollars more. Both toppers can be expanded with the "Conqueror Upgrade," which consists of a full 3D printed console attached to the front of the topper. This upgrade features four 2" displays that showcase game events and custom animations.

All the toppers will have interactive LED elements highlighting the action from the playfield to the topper.  It will be more than just a decoration providing valuable information about what city you are in and events that are being triggered. A complete list of the feature list is in the weblink below. The pricing for the "Conqueror Upgrade" has not yet been announced, but waiting list pre-orders for this run are now available.  Production is estimated to start in August and ship out in September of this year.

You can visit TEP's link to order the topper and watch the launch video below.

Our Third Godzilla Topper comes from "Tilt Topper".

"Tilt Topper" has announced their efforts to adorn your favorite Godzilla Pin with this amazing topper.  It features six distinct light sources, intricate 3-D molded and hand-painted castings, and captivating video animations.  This topper serves as an artistic and dynamic enhancement to an already impressive game. It's important to note that this topper is a limited edition, with only 50 units being produced. The first 25 will be shipped in July, followed by the remaining 25 in August 2023.  The price of this Topper is $895

You can visit Tilt Topper's link to order the topper and watch the launch video below.

So there you have it, you have three amazing Godzilla toppers to choose from. This machine is very popular, and there is no doubt that it will sell a lot of toppers alongside it.

If you have any Pinball mods you'd like us to cover or if you have feedback or corrections for our posts, please feel free to reach out to me on Pinside. You can find me under the username 'Jedi_Gill'."